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In the past 6 months I have come across several blogs which I really enjoy, and I want to share them with you.  Here they are, with a few notes from their bios on their respective sites.

Michael Hyatt is the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.  He writes on leadership, productivity, publishing, social media, and, on occasion, stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of those categories.  He also occasionally writes about the resources he is discovering.  I find his writing to be very concise, practical, and encouraging.  He is the reason I have really delved into the use of Evernote, about which he has blogged extensively in the interest of increasing productivity.

Seth Godin thinks completely outside the box, and I love that.  I need that.  He has written thirteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages, every one of which has become a bestseller.  He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership, and most of all, challenging everything.  Incidentally, his blog may be the most popular blog in the world written by a single individual.  I guess I am helping to preserve that title for him.

Recently, as a result of reading Michael Hyatt’s blog, I added Rachelle Gardner to my list of blogs.  She is an agent with WordServe Literary Group based in Denver, Colorado, and her passion is partnering with authors to bring worthwhile books to publication.  I have found the few posts and her interview with Michael Hyatt which I have seen to be very insightful and enjoyable.

Two weeks ago when I started this blog I was attending the Global Leadership Summit put on by Willow Creek Association, and one of the speakers was Michelle A. Rhee, Founder and CEO of  Michelle is an advocate for students, thus the name of her organization StudentsFirst.  As late as 2010 she was the Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, and was responsible for a controversial but successful overhaul of the education system there.  She is an engaging speaker, and everyone who cares about their children getting a good education should pay attention to what she and StudentsFirst are doing.

I also pay attention to The Drudge Report when it comes to news.

I am learning a lot from these writers and sources, and I suspect that you will, too.

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