the speed of dirt

How receptive are you to change?

At one point I saw myself as one who loves change, and while I still do to some degree, I came to realize I tend to only like change I initiate, which means I don’t like change much at all.

This morning I walked out the front door and saw a snail, and I had to ask myself, “Is this how I respond to change: at the speed of dirt?”

How about you? Do you like change, and how do respond to change Initiated by someone else?


Some time ago I started to view God primarily through his name of Creator.  I don’t know of anything in particular that pointed me in this direction, except that one day I believe God put the following concept into my head:  If God created everything when nothing existed; if God imagined everything with no initial idea to prompt him other than the goodness of his heart, then doesn’t that make him the ultimate creative?  And if I am creative and enjoy creating things, am I not embodying something which is at the core of who God is?
Light and dark: God’s idea.  Land and sea: God’s idea.  Man and woman: God’s idea again.
God also said that he made us “in his image.”  Much ink has been spilled and even wasted on this topic, but as I considered God’s innate creative nature, and as I considered the words of Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way where she says that everyone is creative, I came to the conclusion that at least one way in which we are “made in his image” is in that we are creative.
Adam named all of the animals.  Pretty creative, in my book.  Tubal Cain made the first musical instruments.  Hats off to him.  All examples of how we are made in the creative image of God.
Recently I was reading through Matthew and this idea took another vein.  The archangel Michael said to Joseph in regards to Mary’s pregnancy that “what is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.”  The Holy Spirit – God – fathered Jesus through Mary without the help of a human father.  For me the formation and birth of a human life is one of the best reminders today of God’s creative power, because only he can create life.  Usually he does it through natural procreation between male and female, but here he went around that arrangement and fathered Jesus directly through the Spirit, making him 100% God but also 100% human.  Now THAT is creative.
I believe that God can “father” creative things or ideas in us every day just like he initiates life in a mother’s body.  Because God is by nature creative, and because as a Christian God lives in me, then I believe that if I am open to him God will put ideas into my mind, things “conceived by the Holy Spirit.”  He will breathe life into my mind through his creative movements.
We often call these movements “promptings” or “whispers” from God.  They are one and the same.  God conceives ideas and solutions in our hearts and minds when we are tuned in and listening closely to him.
Two months ago while I was preparing to lead worship God put an idea into my head of how to describe our spiritual walk when we do it our way rather than God’s way.  The next day, when I shared that example, many people connected with God through it.  God conceived life in my leadership, and I am grateful to him for it.
How about you?  What has happened in your life that might have been “conceived by the Holy Spirit?”  Put another way, What in your life has NOT been “conceived of the Holy Spirit?”

new things

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs just died. He was a visionary like no other, college dropout, and sharp commentator on bad ideas.

I love Mac products – always have – but I like Jobs most because he embodies the scripture in Isaiah where God says, “See, I am doing a new thing!”

How about you? Are you about doing new things or are you more interested in hanging on to the old?