Life Is Fragile: Handle with Care

We often take life for granted, and people in particular. We shouldn’t.

Today was a reminder of this fact for me (I am writing this Tuesday night.).

Today a dear friend suffered a stroke and is in the hospital recovering, dealing with loss of speech and loss of mobility on one side.

Today my cousin’s wife gave birth to a little girl who cooed and cuddled with her mom before dying several hours later. We knew there was a possibility of this happening because the the baby had brain defects, but that fact in no way makes the loss easier.

Today is the anniversary of the death of my first cousin in his crib some 30+ years ago.

Who knows when our time will come, or when that time will come for our friends and family. Don’t wait to find out. Make use of now, while they are still with you.

I need this reminder as much as anyone. Keep vigil with me and remember these people by loving the ones you still have with you and living a full life.

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