Why Life Isn’t Fair

We all know life isn’t fair; we just pretend it is.

We tell our children to abide by the rules of the game. Coaches sideline players for not playing fair. Sports officials and referees wrestle with rules and enforcement to make certain the game is fair.

But life isn’t like that.

We don’t even know all of the rules.

Yesterday we celebrated the generous life of my grandma. She died last Thursday at the age of 99. That’s the reason I haven’t been writing.

If life had been fair for her she would have passed on much earlier. As it was she endured patiently the health issues she encountered as she waited for her time to move on.

Life isn’t fair because life is broken. Once Adam and Eve sinned the world was hurled into darkness and decay. Today we continue to see the effects of that decision.

The problem with focusing on “fairness” is that it is completely self-centered.

Jesus was completely focused on others. Instead of fair he was focused on free/generosity. It was about what he could give, not about what he could get.

How about you?

Where should you be focusing on giving instead of getting?

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