What Is a Win for Your Ministry?

This past week I attended Catalyst Atlanta 2012.  Having attended a number of large leadership conferences, I expected an incredible show surrounding world-class speakers.  Catalyst did not disappoint.

Some highlights were music artists Gungor and Israel Houghton, poet Amena Brown Owens, a beat-boxing cellist, and a very cool integration of a Michael Jackson medley with the Dan Deacon app.

David Platt challenged us to keep the cross central to our ministry.  Christine Caine riveted us to our seats as she spoke on passing the baton to the next generation.  Craig Groeschel encouraged everyone to follow the deo humana moments in our lives, those times when God inexplicably nudges us in one direction or another.

Andy Stanley spoke at the beginning of the conference on The Making of a Leader, but it was his talk on Friday that caught my attention as I thought about taking my ministry to the next level.  In his talk on Creating High-Performance Teams Andy shared a leadership concept that I had forgotten.

Identify the Win

Anyone who has read Jim Collins’ book Good to Great or heard him speak will recognize this concept.  Andy lamented that many church volunteers, leaders, or even senior pastors cannot identify the win for their church or ministry.

People want to win.  They want to succeed at whatever they do.  When they know the “win” people work harder, enjoy their work more, and work in a more unified fashion.

What Is a “Win?”

  • Measurable
  • Observable
  • A common goal or desired result

Some examples:

  • In football a win is achieving more points than the opposing team.
  • In construction a win is a happy customer who recommends your services to other people.
  • In teaching a win is a student who can measurably demonstrate the skills or knowledge in question rather than just memorize facts.

According to Andy at Northpoint a win is “a person leaving inspired and helped, and then coming back with a friend.”

As I am beginning my new position I am now asking myself, “What is the win here?”

What about you?  Have you identified the “win” for your company or ministry?

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