Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail

Do you use this phrase?  I heard it for the first time yesterday, when my intelligent and beautiful girlfriend informed me that it is a common expression.

I guess we learn something new every day.

Because sheep can twitch their tails quite fast, “Two shakes of a lamb’s tail” is an expression indicating speed.  Speed, on the other hand, is not indicated by how fast you can say the phrase!

A phrase I learned in the south and use occasionally is “Fine as frog’s hair.”  Another variation is “Finer than frog’s hair.”

You may point out that frogs do not have hair, and you are correct.  Just pretend that frogs have extremely fine hair not visible to the naked eye.  One use is in reference to something that is delicate or very beautiful.  On the other hand, if someone asks me how I am doing and I say, “Fine as frog’s hair,” that means I am doing extremely well.

So just for fun, what unique phrases are common in your circles?  Share them below in the comments.

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