Demand or Desire?

Hello, friends.  I have been incognito for a while, but I want to share a piece of my thought process with you so that you can chew on it as well.

I have been reading Inside Out, by Larry Crabb.  Crabb makes a distinction in Chapter 8 between desires and demands.

As human beings we are completely expected to have deep desires and to experience deep pain, and we are expected to be able to share that with each other.

I am grateful to have that fact validated.  I have experienced plenty of people who were uncomfortable with acknowledging pain.  I myself have been guilty of trying to push through pain and resolve it too quickly.  Learning that it is ok to hurt and have unmet desires has been a relief.

When our desires and hurts are not met or healed in the time frame we desire, however, we can easily turn to demanding that our desires be met or that our hurts be healed.  Job did this when he demanded God declare him not guilty.

Unfortunately, when we demand something of God we are not trusting him.  Job discovered this when God questioned him, and Job repented.

In my most difficult moments I know that I have demanded things of God rather than trusting in his sovereignty, and I have a feeling I will continue to learn that lesson in the coming years.

God is God and I am not, and the sooner I recognize that, the sooner I will be at peace regardless of my circumstances.

How about you?  Do you turn to demanding things of God when his answers are slow in coming or are not what you expect?