Refueling Your Artist’s Soul

Do you know what fuels you? I am an introvert, which means for me that quiet, time alone, and forms of art are some of the best ways for me to refuel.

I love movies and I enjoy reading books, but looking at fabulous art is one of the best ways for me to juice up the artistic batteries.

The art of Makoto Fujimura, introduced to me by a colleague, inspires me greatly. Take a moment to browse through his website. One of the world’s foremost contemporary artists and a member of the National Council on the Arts from 2003-2009, Fujimura employs an ancient form of painting called Nihonga in unique, contemporary ways.

I was especially inspired by the connection between art and his faith in his 400th year commemorative illumination of the Four Holy Gospels.

Makoto Fujimura - Four Holy Gospels

Makoto Fujimura – Four Holy Gospels

When I lived in Rochester, NY, one of my favorite artist outings was a trip to International Art Acquisitions, Inc., a fine art gallery in the Pittsford suburb.

Joan Miro

Joan Miro

How do you refuel?  Share some examples below.


How to Become the Most Valuable Person on Your Creative Team

This Sunday Geoff Talbot’s blog Seven Sentences: Creative Inspiration for Daily Life will post my take on How to Become the Most Valuable Person on Your Creative Team.

Each post on this Seven Sentence Creative Blog is roughly seven sentences long, which generally communicate more than many of us say in seven paragraphs.

How have you made yourself a valuable creative team member?  Check out the blog on Sunday and leave a comment.  I would love to chat with you.