A New Year’s Blessing


Yesterday was Christmas
and New Year’s is coming;
do you know what you want
or do you want for nothing?
Was 2012 gentle and sweet,
full of friends and good times,
or has this year been painful
and rest hard to find?
Is your life on the upswing
with success by it’s side,
or have you weathered failure
and put some dents in your pride?
Will this year be remembered
by the loss of a loved one,
or have you found your true love,
your soul mate, your lost son?
Perhaps yesterday brought a barren tree,
no house to hold it and loneliness, too;
will 2013 be as unwelcome to you?

At a time of year when we celebrate plenty
a little seems much smaller
and nothing is an sullen friend.
Earthquakes and storms
on earth or in homes
can reshape the terrain
of our lives in a moment.
Instead of carols we sing a funeral dirge;
Christmas puts away it’s colors
and wears black.

To all for whom Christmas
brought laughter and joy,
plenty to eat and new favorite toys,
may your heart be humble
and your hands generous
towards those less fortunate,
and may God bring you more
of what this year provided.

To those who mourn
and for whom Christmas brought
fresh tears,
deep sighs,
tender fears,
may the New Year bring
refreshing grace,
true peace,
renewed joy,
open hands instead of fists
and a soft heart instead of flint.

In the words of Tiny Tim,
this is my prayer for you and me:
“God bless us every one.”