mysterious God

Ever met anyone who had it all figured out?  Did their attitude bug you?  How about the used-to-be-friend who went to see a movie you have been waiting anxiously to see and then told you the ending to the movie before you could stop them?

What do these things have in common?  The mystery is gone.  Life is nothing without a little mystery, movies lose much of their interest (at least for me) if we know the details of the ending, and the same goes true for God.  The moment you decide you know everything about God he has ceased to be God.  You never know how deep the rabbit hole will go, they say.  The same is true with God.  You will never get to the bottom of who he is.  If you bring him down to your level then he is, well, not up there where he is supposed to be in your view of him.  ( I know, very profound.  That statement will end up in some systematic theology somewhere).

If you ever hear someone say that they have finally figured God out, turn and run.  Aside from the absolutes of the holiness of God, the deity of Christ and the good news, we have many points of belief which we will never really understand until we reach heaven.  Even then, God never promised to explain everything to us.

Cultivate a humble attitude towards the knowledge of God, and everything else, for that matter.  You don’t know it all, and life is more beautiful with a little mystery.

P.S. Bonus for the rest of us: You are a lot less annoying if you do not act like a know-it-all.