When in Doubt, Throw It Out

My dad used this phrase yesterday when I mentioned that I was not happy with my blog post.

Yesterday morning I wrote down some thoughts quickly during breakfast that I thought were very good at the time. Later on, though, I felt uneasy.

I like to let things set a bit or read them through several times before I publish them, but yesterday I did not.

First I took 5 minutes and made a small change. Finally I came back later and deleted the whole thing, as well as the links on my social networks.

Almost immediately I felt better.

The saying, “When in doubt, throw it out,” can apply to a lot of things in life, not just blog posts. If you feel uncomfortable about a decision, change it or make it right. Better yet, don’t make it at all if you can.

I know I would have done well in the past to follow this little bit of wisdom.

What is bothering you that you need to “throw out?”

Why I Love To Write

True confessions. I have not missed a publishing date in months, and I was not happy about not getting a post out yesterday. My personal goal is to publish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I don’t like being inconsistent.

Writing consistently helps me to stay fresh, to think well.

Sometimes I just think better on (virtual) paper.

Ever feel like that?

Writing for you makes me think about others.

Writing regularly forces me to stretch.

I need wrap my mind around issues and ideas rather than just tacitly believing things without truly testing my thoughts. If I have to write action points for someone else, I have to make certain what I am writing makes sense.

So thank you for making me a better writer and thinker, and for helping to stay others-focused.

I love you for it.

What does writing do for you?

The Man Who Knew Too Little

I just finished laughing my way through Bill Murray’s The Man Who Knew Too Little, and it struck me how like life this movie really is.  We go through life thinking we are “in control,” when we really have no clue.  We risk everyone and everything based on our understanding of what is happening, and then we thank everyone for playing along.

Spiritually I would guess that we are The Human Race Who Knew Too Little, wandering around without God, convinced we can “do it on our own.”  Over the last few years I have been realizing that I cannot “do it on my own;” I need help, and I would guess that most everyone needs a little help.  We are just afraid to ask for it.

It’s time for all of us to eat a little humble pie and say, “God, I can’t do this, and forgive me for ever thinking that I could.”  I suspect you, like me, will have to pray this prayer multiple times per day, but at least that will mean there is one less deluded Wallace Ritchie taking bows at others’ expense.