5 Benefits of Knowing Yourself

I am a sucker for personality exams.  I love to see exactly what I am made of and why I do what I do.

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Not all people are the same as me, and that is just fine.  In fact, that is part of the reason I love personality exams.  I learn how someone else operates, and that knowledge helps me relate to them in a more productive way.

In fact, I have written before about the benefit of personality exams in my post 1 Step to Better Leadership.

A number of years ago the staff at the place where I worked took the Myers-Briggs together.  I was amazed at the results, and, more particularly, at what I learned from the results.

I learned that I was the only true introvert on the staff.

If you are familiar with Myers-Briggs you can chart your personality on a 4×4 grid of possible personality combinations.  I was at the far upper right corner of the chart and the rest of the staff was clustered around the lower left corner and lower center.  The senior pastor was closest to me, and he was two rows away.


That’s how my office was as well.  I had my office at the other end of the building and I liked it that way.

I also found that while my boss was more about the journey and adjusting along the way, I was very much about the end goal and I did not like a lot of variation in the path along the way.  That one piece of information served me well over the years in relating to him.  I learned his process and how he got to where he was going.

In short, personality exams can:

  1. Dispel myths and misinformation about similarities or differences between yourself and colleagues, your boss, your spouse, or your significant other.
  2. Reveal hidden causes of conflict and misunderstanding.
  3. Challenge you to face the truth about yourself and others.
  4. Strengthen your team, your marriage, or your relationship with your boss.
  5. Clarify whether or not you are really a fit for your present job.

Sometimes harmony and synergy at work or at home are only a personality exam away.

What relationship at home or work could be strengthened by a simple personality exam?