4 Ways Worship Has Nothing to Do with Church

Did you know that church services and everything we do in those services are not necessary for worship?  Did you know that even if you were stranded on a desert island with only a box of Wheaties and a plastic shovel you would still be able to worship just as deeply as you do every Sunday morning in your comfortable seat at your favorite church?

Tiger Woods Box of Wheaties

We humans get very attached to things.

Not long ago a staff member at church told the story of how a family came to church early to get a seat.  As the family was standing and talking, someone else came up and said, “That’s where I usually sit,” pointing to one of the family’s reserved seats.

When the family pointed out that many seats were available right around them, the person said, “But I always sit here.”

We laugh, but you know that each of us also has our own area where we like to whine and say, “But I always (fill in the blank).”

Worship ultimately has nothing to do with the things we hold so dear.  Here are four ways worship transcends the boxes we create for our worship experiences:

  1. Worship begins with gratitude.  Every time you thank God for something you are worshipping him.  All good things come from God, said John the Apostle.
  2. Worship is a heart response to the gift of God.  No particular posture or physical symbol or music required; just a heart responding to God.
  3. Worship grows from a relationship with God.  In the beginning God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden.  This was pre-sacrifical worship, pre-Christ, pre-everything we try to cram into a worship service.  God wants you to know him and rely on him.
  4. Worship is loving your neighbor.  We honor God by loving and caring for those we meet on a day to day basis, regardless whether or not they are loveable in our perspective.

While projection and music and offerings and prayers and preaching all help us to worship, those things are not the essence of worship; they are tools.  Let’s not worship the tools; instead let’s dig to the root of things and worship Christ.

What things are you attached to that weaken your worship?