What The Tonight Show Can Teach Us About Church Leadership

One of my favorite things about leading worship is interacting with the senior pastor during the service.  Too many churches are uptight.  Why do we take ourselves so seriously?  Have a little fun already.

Yes, I am the one you hear laughing out loud in the middle of a quiet church service.  Guilty.  Proud of it.  I enjoy laughing.

Today my senior pastor sent me a text after the service:

Thank you, again, for laughing at my jokes.

I have even been known to punctuate funny comments in the announcements with a chord or two on the piano, a lá The Tonight Show Band.  It adds a bit of levity and humanity to the service that otherwise would be lacking.

I am all for being reverent, but this kind of interaction between the leadership demonstrates an ease and acceptance with each other that is welcoming and unassuming to the visitor.  If you would like a church that always puts on a staid church face, please visit the church down the road.  They would love to have you (of course, they will let you know that with a very straight face).

Let’s show the same relaxed grace with others that Jesus showed.

How do you have fun and make visitors feel welcome in your services?


worship hubs

Recently I have been perusing the worship world for apps and connecting points for worship leaders, pastors and service producers.  I have been using Planning Center Online almost since it began and am a major fan, but I am convinced we have only reached the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is possible in worship service planning.

For those of you who are worship leaders, what online tools do you use in your planning?

For those of you who have bands, do you use online planning tools?  If so, which ones?

For all of the musicians out there, what hardware tools do you use (metronome, tuner, etc.) that you would love to see incorporated into an online tool or iPhone/iPad app?

In your ideal world, what would the perfect online tool or app for worship planning look like?